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The use of eLearning Days in place of what would otherwise be used as Emergency Closure Days was approved by the Gower Board of Education in 2019 and another forward-thinking action taken by our Future Ready district. This is an exciting opportunity for Gower School District and was made possible by the collaboration between our staff, our administrative team and our parent representatives on the Board.

Remember, the emphasis on the ‘e’ is ‘engagement’!


Our Gower West and Gower Middle eLearning websites contain additional information and can be reached by clicking the School Logo below: 






Our school administrators and staff are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our eLearning Program.  If you have any further questions regarding our e-learning program please reach out to us directly.


Gower West 

Phone Number: (630) 286-4925


Gower Middle

Phone Number: (630) 286-4933



Another way to share your feedback about our eLearning Program is to use the following Google Form. Information submitted via the eLearning Feedback Form will be shared with our administrative staff and used with other feedback collected as an ongoing review of our program.